With these 5 tips, you have a tidy financial administration

Do you only get started with your financial administration if your accountant or the tax authorities ask for it? And do you spend days digging through the papers you have collected in your drawer for a year? Don’t make it difficult for yourself and KonMari your administration with these 5 tips. This way you will never again suffer from report panic.

Half an hour every week

We understand that doing your financial administration is not your hobby. Take half an hour every week to update your financial administration. Block time for this in your agenda so that you cannot avoid it. Preferably at the start of the day. Then you’ve had it and you can then do your ‘real’ work. This way you save yourself a lot of stress in February and March, but also the time that you can spend on business again.

Do your administration online

Working digitally is the norm, right? So why not your administration as well. If you deliver things digitally to your accountant, it goes 10 times faster. Just scan your receipts and other paperwork with your smartphone (or tablet) and you’re done – and it’s a lot faster than entering individual numbers! You also immediately build up a digital file that way and you will never lose anything again. Very handy for you as it is for your accountant.

Let links do the work

Does your software have a bank link to your bank? Then use it! Then you will never miss a statement again. And you or your accountant can always keep the administration up to date. This way you immediately know how much cash you have at home.

Lean on your accountant

Do you have your financial administration online? Then share it with your accountant. Then he or she can always give you a heads up about your liquidity. And if they have insight into your administration, they can immediately give you proactive advice. Advice that is not about yesterday, but about tomorrow’s opportunities. For example about investments and the (tax) company structure, but also personnel and business risks.

Also discuss privately with your accountant

Of course, your accountant doesn’t need to know how your Tinder dates are going or when your toddler is sick again. But it is useful to also discuss your private administration with him or her. Make sure your accountant has insight into things like health insurance, your disability insurance, and plans for buying a new car.

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