Month: December 2020

What Are The Benefits Of Separating Personal Finance From Your Business Finances?

A fairly common mistake among individual micro entrepreneurs and small businesses is to mix private finance with finance for your own company. But why is this practice considered incorrect?

When making this mix, it is not possible to evaluate the performance of your business or your personal financial life.

For example: at the end of the month, you found that …

Benefits of Tracking Personal Finances

Keeping track of personal finances is a simple habit, but it can make all the difference in the way you handle money. By managing what comes in and what goes out of your checking account and what your credit card spending is, you can balance your finances and have enough money to get out of debt forever, fulfill your dreams …

10 Tips for Organizing Personal Finance

The organization of personal finances represents a fundamental point in the lives of all of us. Financial difficulties directly affect the emotional aspect and productivity at work, in addition to causing instability in the family environment. Many believe that just having money is enough for all problems to be solved. 

Organizing finances represents the first step towards the realization of …

Personal Finance: Stay Out Of Debt

If you are not in debt, you are already on a good path in terms of controlling personal finances. However, if you have, this is the first problem you must solve to organize yourself financially.

Overdue accounts carry other costs, as fees and interest are charged and take away the chance for you to save and control yourself. In these …

Tips For Organizing Your Personal Finances

Organizing personal finances is a great challenge for many people, especially for those who work with CNPJ and also need to take care of company finances.

However, it is a very important task, since the lack of planning can create serious problems, such as increased debt, unnecessary expenses that compromise income, among others.

To prevent this from happening, you need …